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Avian Veterinary Care

At Des Moines Veterinary Hospital, our team of veterinary professionals led by Dr. Onorati, our Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, provides high-quality veterinary care for birds in Des Moines Federal Way, Tacoma, Seattle and beyond.

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Specialized Veterinary Care for Pet Birds

Your bird companions bring a unique personality and a flurry of color and life to your home. You know that your feathered companion makes an excellent companion, but are you also conscious of their routine vaccinations and checkup needs to stay healthy and happy?

At Des Moines Veterinary Hospital, we firmly believe that preventative avian veterinary care goes a long way towards encouraging and maintaining your pet bird's health and well-being. Because of this, we highly recommend coming in for an initial checkup.

Similar to cats and dogs, pet birds should also see a vet for a physical exam once a year, so they can look and feel their best.

Avian Veterinary Care in Des Moines

Board-Certified Avian Veterinarian

We are proud to support our Board Certified Avian Vet, Dr. Onorati, in providing the best possible quality of avian veterinary care available. 

Dr. Onorati has undergone extra training and certification exams after his initial veterinary degree in order to acquire expertise in diagnosing and treating birds of all shapes, sizes and colors. He is a proud member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians and is committed to the health of your pet bird.

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Experience & Training in Avian Pet Care

Caring for your pet bird requires specialized knowledge and experience, along with compassion, care and attention. Our veterinary team, led by our Board Certified Avian Vet has a lightning focus on bird care. 

With years of experience in treating our avian patients, you can trust our highly skilled specialist to provide preventive care as well as diagnose any illnesses and conditions your pet bird may experience.

FAQs for Avian Care

  • What is the avian species?

    The term "avian" refers to any and all things related to birds. These small and exotic animals are popular pets for people who are looking for a pet that is intelligent, affectionate and with plenty of personality. 

    Many birds are prey species in the wild and may hide signs of illness as a defense mechanism against predators, making consistent, qualified preventive veterinary care critical to their health and well-being.

  • What can I expect at an avian veterinary appointment?

    When you bring your avian friend in for an appointment, the vet will complete a thorough routine exam to assess the general health of your pet.

    We will recommend any appropriate preventative care or treatments, perform tests and answer any of your questions about at-home care.

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